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Our community is experiencing a surge of COVID-19 causing longer lines at our urgent care centers. As a result, operating hours may be affected. Please call ahead to confirm space availability

COVID-19 & Flu

10 Ways We Are Keeping the ED Safe For You

  1. All hospital staff are screened and have their temperature taken, at the start of each shift. If they are ill, they can't work.
  2. All patients are screened. If they have a respiratory illness, they are placed in the ED/COVID unit in a negative pressure room.
  3. The waiting room has been eliminated, so patients & visitors are not together.
  4. We have a universal masking policy of both patient and provider to help stop the spread of COVID.
  5. Visitors are restricted: one support person is allowed for non-respiratory patients and NO visitors for respiratory patients.
  6. We have partnered with local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to make sure transportation to the hospital is safe.
  7. Patients being evaluated and treated for conditions other than COVID are in a completely separate area of the ED.
  8. Patient-family liaisons have been established to keep everyone connected during treatment and possible admission.
  9. We have thorough protocols for cleaning and disinfecting all rooms, surfaces, and equipment.
  10. Air from inside the Emergency is NOT recycled and fresh air is constantly being brought in from the outside.